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Glutathione Uses n Side Effects

  Glutathione Uses and Side Effects   What is Glutathione? Glutathione is a substance made from the amino acids glycine, cysteine and glutamic acid. It is produced by your liver and involved in many body processes. Glutathione is involved in tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body, and in immune system function. What are the Different Name of Glutathione? Gamma-Glutamylcysteinylglycine Gamma-L-Glutamyl-L-Cysteinylglycine Gamma-L-Glutamyl-L-Cystéinylglycine Glutathion, Glutatión L-Gamma-Glutamyl-L-Cysteinyl-Glycine   L-Gamma-Glutamyl-L-Cystéinyl-Glycine L-Glutathion L-Glutathione GSH N-(N-L-gamma-Glutamyl-L-cysteinyl)glycine       Why should I take Glutathione? There are few good uses of Glutathione. People take glutathione for aging, alcohol use disorder, liver disease, heart disease, and many other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these

How to Clean Moisturize and Nourish Lungs?

Cleaning Moisturizing and Nourishing of Lungs Regardless of whether you have a cough or not, you should eat more foods that cleanse the lungs, moisturize the lungs, and nourish the lungs. Recently everyone is paying attention to some methods of "coughing, nourishing the lungs, and clearing the lungs". In fact, there are many practical ways to nourish and clear the lungs in life. For example, Chuanbei stewed pears with rock sugar can nourish the throat, nourish the lungs, and nourish the skin.  Rock sugar and pears Stewed and eaten, it can effectively clean the respiratory passages, make your breathing firmer and stronger, and protect your throat. Mushrooms and lilies also have a good effect on nourishing the lungs and nourishing yin. If your body is coughing, you must choose the right food to have a better effect.  Mushrooms and lilies can help your lungs fight toxins. If you want to use food conditioning methods, you must choose the right food. There are two situations. Co

4 Weaknesses of Ferocious New Coronavirus

  Although the New Coronavirus is ferocious , it has Weakness This year is a special year. 2020 is the year that many people are looking forward to. The year 2020 that we said in the book as a child has finally arrived. We were still happy before the year before, but we were in panic when the New Year came. Now, because of the ferocity of the new coronavirus, many of us have given up reunion, dinner, and travel. The reason for people’s panic is not only human-to-human transmission, but also during the special period of the Spring Festival. Every year, the Spring Festival travel tide is hundreds of millions of people. If accidentally, a large number of people will be infected. So in addition to going all out, we also We must do our own preventive work.   Fortunately, medical experts have discovered that the new coronavirus has some weaknesses. Although we have not developed a specific medicine to treat pneumonia, we can take preventive measures after we know the weakness.   We

Could New Strain of the British Coronavirus have spread in the USA?

CDC: The new strain of the British virus may have spread in the United States The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday that the new coronavirus strain first discovered in the UK may have spread in the US without notice.  Although this variant has not been found in the United States, the CDC pointed out that scientists have not yet tested many infected patients. The virus has been sequenced from only about 51,000 of the 17 million cases in the United States.” This new strain may have attracted people’s attention.   The CDC said in a statement: "Continued travel between the United Kingdom and the United States, and the high prevalence of this variant in the current British infection, increases the possibility of import." In a small part, this variant may have occurred in the United States, but has not yet been discovered."   Doctor said we should be more concerned about the Covid mutation in the UK      The Centers for Disease Control a

How Amoeba Eats Human Brain?

  Process of Amoeba Eating Human Brain Has her brain been eaten by amoeba? Parasites that can "eat" human brains. In fact, this terrifying-sounding parasite is not the first time that it has entered our vision. For example, it was reported in 2012 in Pakistan. Ten people in Karachi, the largest city, died because of the parasite. This incident even caused panic among the local people.      When you play in the water, do you ever think that the danger is here? When you wash your face with wild water, have you ever thought of losing your life? When you are in the playroom by the creek, have you ever thought about being eaten away?    There is a 24-year-old girl named Kelsey McLean in the United States. She may never have thought that she would be sent to Huangquan because of a normal trip. The British "Daily Mail" reported on May 2 that the unfortunate girl came to the Colorado River to play because of her birthday.  However, when she was playing in the river,

What happens if you Inhale few Coronaviruses?

  Situation when you Inhale a Few or Low Number of new Coronaviruses Introduction of the principles of preventing the new type of coronavirus and ways to increase efficiency. A study on inhaling a low number of COVID19 elements:   1. The process of virus disease Although the virus can cause disastrous serious diseases like SARS, AIDS, and rabies, it is just a very simple life structure, as simple as the outer shell and the genetic material inside, nothing else.   Such a simple structure determines that the virus itself is basically equivalent to waste wood. Only through parasitism, that is, invading the host's specific cells, can it undergo life activities.   Before it invades, the virus does nothing, neither grows nor reproduces, or even moves. All actions are completely dependent on external forces.   It can be said that the virus at this time is purely waiting for death. As for how long it takes to wait, it depends on the type of virus and external conditions

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10 Side effects on Long-term use of Statins in Cardiovascular disease FAQ

Questions about Long-term use of Statin Drugs during  Cardiovascular Problems Side Affects We have talked about the medical treatment of coronary heart disease. If there are two legs and aspirin is one of them, then statin drug is the other. For teleconsultancy form any part of the world one may contact teledoctor at For providing or getting the Best Telehealth, Telegym etc services &  fitness networking  may log in to this  teledoctor network. In the process of taking statins, friends with coronary heart disease will encounter various problems, such as: 1. Why should I take statins for coronary heart disease?   2. What is the target value of taking statin for coronary heart disease?   3. What to check before and after taking statin?   4. What are the most common side effects of statins?   5. How to reduce the common side effects of statins?   6. What is the difference between rosuvast and atorvastatin?   7. When is the most appropriate time

Fit Dick Bachelorette Cake in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad Delivery, Price

  In Indian locations like Delhi, Faridabad, and Gurgaon, you may find healthy male private organ penis cake with flavours like vanilla, chocolate, black forest, strawberry, butter caramel, etc. delivery at reasonable price and high quality. In India and in places like Delhi and Gurgaon, many bakeries provide same-day delivery. A bachelorette cake design is in the shape of a penis for a memorable event. A male anatomy cake from an online store in India can be the ideal method to surprise your loved ones if you're used to buying presents fast and on schedule. You should get these cakes from verified sources so that you are able to keep yourself fit and healthy with the edible material used in these cakes and suffer no biological setback. For tele-consultancy from any part of the world one may contact teledoctor at     Male Private Organ Kitty Parties with Bachelorette cakes You can even organize a female birthday, anniversary, farewell or any other type of party like kitt

Introduction, Basic Concepts of Toxicology

    Introduction and Basic Concepts of Toxicology   For teleconsultancy from any part of the world one may contact teledoctor at Introduction to toxicology 1. Three major fields of modern toxicology research:  Descriptive toxicology Mechanism toxicology Management toxicology The core is toxicological safety evaluation and health risk assessment.   2. Modern Toxicology The science that studies the damaging effects and biological mechanisms of all exogenous harmful factors (xenobiotics) on biological systems, and conducts safety evaluation and risk assessment.   3. Hygiene Toxicology The branch of toxicology directly related to preventive medicine.   4. Descriptive toxicology Through toxicology tests (toxicity identification) and population observation studies, the toxicity and toxicity characteristics of exogenous chemicals are found, and toxic and harmful substances are identified. (Provide information for safety evaluation and risk management, and provide