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Glutathione Uses n Side Effects

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What happens if you Inhale few Coronaviruses?


Situation when you Inhale a Few or Low Number of new Coronaviruses

Introduction of the principles of preventing the new type of coronavirus and ways to increase efficiency. A study on inhaling a low number of COVID19 elements:


1. The process of virus disease

Although the virus can cause disastrous serious diseases like SARS, AIDS, and rabies, it is just a very simple life structure, as simple as the outer shell and the genetic material inside, nothing else.


Such a simple structure determines that the virus itself is basically equivalent to waste wood. Only through parasitism, that is, invading the host's specific cells, can it undergo life activities.


Before it invades, the virus does nothing, neither grows nor reproduces, or even moves. All actions are completely dependent on external forces.


It can be said that the virus at this time is purely waiting for death. As for how long it takes to wait, it depends on the type of virus and external conditions. It can range from a few seconds to dozens of days.


When it dies, the only thing the virus looks forward to is to "seeking"-this is its only hope to continue life. Although the virus does not move on its own, it may hit the Universiade of "good winds frequently borrowing force" and reach the host when lying down under the action of external forces. 

For example, blood transfusion and sexual intercourse can bring HIV in body fluids to the recipient. Coughing, sneezing, and even breathing can bring the virus in the droplets to the recipient.


The success of "seeking to bring" to the host is only the first step for the virus to die and live. If you want to really survive, you must not only "seeking", but also "seeking fit", that is, invading cells.

 Also Refer: Vaccine Development Encyclopedia

Reaching the host does not mean invading cells, and viruses do not have the ability to invade any cell, but can only invade specific cells. This is a bit similar to opening the door with a key: 

There is a cell membrane on the outside of human cells to keep foreign bodies out, but when the cell membrane comes into contact with certain viruses, it will interact with the outer shell of the virus, causing the virus to adsorb and enter the cell. It is similar to the "door" of the cell membrane that recognizes the "key" of the virus shell.


However, the outer shell of the virus is not a "master key", it can only open specific doors, that is, invade specific cells. For example, HIV can only invade T4 lymphocytes and mononuclear macrophages, while coronavirus can only invade respiratory epithelial cells. Therefore, when HIV or Coronavirus gets on your hands, they face the epidermal cells of the skin, "no entry" and no impact on the human body. 

Unless there is a wound on the hand, or by rubbing the nose and eyes with the hand, it is possible for the virus to enter the body through the blood or mucous membranes and encounter cells that can "open the door" (mainly cells with high ACE2 expression, such as the lungs and intestines). 

The aqueous humor of the eyes, etc. Thank you [Shanhaixing] teacher for your advice), and then adsorb and enter, and the integration is successful.


Once combined, the virus truly "lived". The virus at this time has begun its own life activities. It takes off its shell, reveals the genetic material inside, invades the cell nucleus, "hijacks" the cell's operating system, and uses the space, raw materials and energy provided by the cell to replicate itself. 

The number of viruses multiplying is amazing. One virus invades cells and can replicate up to tens of thousands of viruses. These viruses are released from the cells, enter the blood or tissue fluid, and then repeat the process of "seeking for band", "seeking for fit", hijacking, and copying. 

Like a chain reaction, more and more suitable cells are destroyed and changed. The production plant that has become a virus will spread further.


When the virus does things like this, the immune system will naturally not sit idly by. When the virus enters and some cells are in an abnormal state, the immune system will activate, not only to destroy the virus itself, but also to "burn the house" and kill some cells that are not right.


Infographics on Immune cells are engulfing and breaking down viruses


For example, the "inflammation" that everyone knows is actually the immune system at work. Those inflammatory symptoms such as "redness, swelling, heat and pain" are just the fighting performance of the immune system when it kills viruses and clears autologous cells.


In this battle, most viruses are helpless against the immune system (except for HIV, which specifically "combine" with immune cells, and even make the immune system fall. This is also the terrible aspect of AIDS. ), as I said at the beginning, the virus is actually very useless, it will not move, it can only be slaughtered. To say it is a "fight" is actually a unilateral slaughter by the immune system. 

However, even if it is a slaughter, it will take time. If a large number of viruses are encountered, coupled with explosive geometric growth, the immune system will not be able to contain the virus surge if the immune system is successful, and it will be a simple and rude "popular tactic" It collapsed and people were killed by the virus.


In addition, there is a situation in which although the immune system is operating at a high speed and constantly containing the virus, people may still die. This is called an overreaction of the immune system. 

For example, the new type of coronavirus, which invades to a certain extent, may cause the immune system to react too strongly or even out of control. 

A large number of active immune cells flood into the lungs, killing the virus while also killing a lot One's own cells "kill 10,000 enemies and destroy 20,000". 

How fragile lungs can withstand this kind of creation, tossing and tossing may lead to acute respiratory distress and even exhaustion, thereby endangering life.


The above is probably the mechanism of the virus causing disease and even death.


2. The most critical factor-quantity

There is a famous saying: Talking about toxicity without the dose is to be a hooligan. Arsenic is poisonous enough, but it is taken as a small amount of medicine and will not poison people.


The same goes for viruses. Carefully take care of the whole process of the virus causing disease. The most important parameter from beginning to end is the number of viruses.


Taking the new coronavirus as an example, the infected person exposes the virus to the outside through coughing, sneezing, speaking, breathing, and excretion. Most of these viruses will die naturally. Only with the support of a large number can a certain number of viruses run into luck and happen to reach people.


Of these viruses that reach humans, only a very small number directly reach the nose, mouth and eyes, and most of them are "untouchable", eating closed doors on people's clothes and skin to death. 

These also require a considerable amount of support to make a certain number of viruses reach the nose, mouth and eyes through touch and other means.


Once the virus enters the human body, it will face the elimination of the immune system. If the number is not large enough, there will soon be no remnants left under the drag-net extermination of the immune system. 

Once again, a certain amount of support is needed to use the physical cover of the companion to delay the pursuit of the immune system, buy time for the "fish that slip through the net", complete replication and reproduction, and launch the "human sea tactic" to counter the immune system.


In the competition between the virus and the immune system, it is still quantity that determines the final outcome. We all know that the replication and reproduction of viruses is exponential, such as from 1 to 2, from 2 to 4, from 4 to 8, from 8 to 16.

Although the initial amount is constantly doubling, but the base is too small , So the total amount is still very weak, not enough for the immune system to fight.


However, once the number reaches a certain level, the "explosiveness" of the index is manifested. Just like the image of an exponential function, it grows slowly at first, and when it accumulates to a certain extent, it begins to rise explosively. 

For example, the exponential function of y=2x, for a long time at first, the number only increased by hundreds of thousands to millions, but in the next moment, it was enough to increase by tens of millions or even hundreds of millions, which quickly exploded to astronomical figures. 

At this time, no immune system can cure this day's amount of virus, so I have to GG.


Therefore, from the beginning to the end, the number is the most critical factor in the cause of the virus. There must be a sufficient amount of virus to reach the human body → invade cells → fight immunity → cause disease → lethal. Each step of this must meet the quantitative conditions.


In other words, if the virus is not in sufficient quantity, it cannot reach the human body. Even if it arrives, it cannot invade. Even if it invades, it will be killed by the immune system. 

Even if it is not completely killed, it will not be enough to cause disease or lethality. In other words, if a tiny amount of virus wants to eventually make people sick or die, it needs to challenge a series of extremely small chances, which are many times more difficult than winning a 1 billion lottery, and it is almost impossible.


This is actually easy to understand. In the case of the new coronavirus, in theory, if a patient goes out once, everyone who has been in contact will be infected-because the patient is constantly breathing, and the virus will be carried by extremely small droplets when breathing. It can be said that all the way is a virus. But in fact, not everyone who has been in contact with the patient will be infected. 

The reason is the amount of the virus. It is also quite difficult for the bit of virus brought out by the breath to invade the respiratory tract. Even if luck is overwhelming and it is really invaded, because the number is too small, it will soon be cleaned up by the immune system, not far enough to cause disease.


Will it be okay if low number of Coronaviruses are inhaled?

In other words, even if the new coronavirus is inhaled, as long as the number is small, it will be fine. 

How much is less? It may not be possible to accurately quantify it, but from the perspective of HIV infection quantification, according to WHO data, 0.2 ml of AIDS blood can cause infection, so much blood contains roughly no more than 1,000 HIV. 

According to the study by Dr. Quinn of Hopkins University in the United States, conservatively speaking, no more than 100 HIV enters the body and will not cause AIDS.


By analogy, I also answered the question in the title: inhaling 100 new coronaviruses, the consequence is that it is all right.

3. Efficient ways to prevent the new coronavirus

To say that it is okay to breathe in 100 new coronaviruses is not to encourage relaxation, but to eliminate unnecessary fear and tension, and truly understand the key role of the number of viruses, and work hard on the key link of reducing the number of viruses.


It is important to understand that all the measures we have adopted to prevent and treat viral diseases are all about the number of viruses.


For example, although AIDS is an incurable disease, through various drug interventions, the amount of HIV in the body is kept within a certain threshold, then the condition of the infected person will be effectively controlled, and it is not a problem to live in the 60s or 70s.


For example, the so-called "poison king" or "super infectious person" is because the amount of virus discharged is much higher than that of ordinary patients, so it is much more infectious.


Another example is the popular N95 mask. N95 means that the filtration efficiency of dust and microorganisms can reach 95%. The purpose is to drastically reduce the amount of viruses that may attach to the droplets and invade the nose and mouth.


Remember one sentence, virus infection is a small probability event that occurs when the number of viruses is large enough. In other words, as long as you find ways to reduce the number of viruses that may invade, you can minimize the probability of infection, which is a more effective preventive measure.


How to reduce the number of viruses? Methods such as reducing contact, wearing masks, washing hands frequently, ventilating frequently, and paying attention to hygiene are all effective. Here, another way to increase efficiency is introduced.

The theoretical basis is the authoritative release of the National Health Commission.


Is coronavirus sensitive to rays or heat?

The virus is sensitive to ultraviolet rays and heat. For thirty minutes at 56°C, lipid solvents such as ether, 75% ethanol, chlorine disinfectant, peracetic acid and chloroform can effectively inactivate the virus. 


In other words, if you use the above-mentioned methods to effectively inactivate viruses in addition to conventional protection (masks, hand washing, ventilation, etc.), you can undoubtedly further reduce the number of viruses and more steadily improve the preventive effect.


However, most of these items are not suitable for daily home use. Ether is an inhalation anesthetic. Chlorine-containing disinfectants must be used in water. Peracetic acid is highly corrosive, and trichloromethane (chloroform) is poisonous, so it is not suitable to greet oneself.

The only one that is daily and people-friendly 75% ethanol.


75% ethanol is also called medical alcohol. That's right, it is familiar with it, from childhood to large, it has accompanied us for injections many times, and now it is on the top of the line as a preparation for inactivating viruses. 

Its effect is officially certified by the Health Commission, and the latest notice from the Ministry of Emergency Management also says to "ensure the safe production of enterprises that produce masks and alcohol overtime."


For our daily protection, the specific use of alcohol is also very simple: when you are involved in potentially risky environments, or when you are in contact with people who may be at risk, wipe your mouth, nose, face, and hands with alcohol, which are vulnerable to virus intrusion or Just rub the borrowed parts a few times.


There is also a more efficient and elegant way: find a spray bottle and pour medical alcohol into it, which is equivalent to preparing your own disinfectant spray. When you go out, put the spray in your pocket, and spray it around your face from time to time, just like the moisturizing spray commonly used by prodigal ladies.


However, it should be noted that alcohol should not be sprayed directly on the mask. Because the surface tension of alcohol is very different from water, spraying the outside of the mask with alcohol will damage the waterproof layer structure of the outer layer of the mask to some extent and make it absorb water. 

The ability is enhanced to accelerate the failure of the filter layer of the mask. In addition, in a confined space, if the spray accumulates to a certain extent, it may deflagrate. Never spray like a sprinkler. 

The correct usage is to spray alcohol spray around the face when there is a high risk of infection, not directly on the mask, and do not spray for a while like obsessive-compulsive disorder. 

In this way, you can add an atomization barrier to yourself in a short time to effectively inactivate the virus and minimize the number of possible viruses. This is undoubtedly positive and effective for daily protection. (Do not spray in an environment with 84 disinfectant, otherwise the alcohol will react with hypochlorous acid to produce chlorine that is harmful to the body)


Don't think that this is just better than nothing. You know, there is a word called "aerosol", in short, it means droplets that are smaller than ordinary droplets. 

Whether it will carry the new type of coronavirus to spread, there is still no conclusion (the fourth edition of the new pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan says, "transmission through respiratory droplets is the main route of transmission, and it can also be transmitted through contact"), but there have been many. The medical staff doubted this possibility. 

(Additional note: At the time of the revision on February 8, the official confirmed that the new coronavirus can be transmitted through aerosols)


The size of the aerosol can be as small as several orders of magnitude lower than that of droplets, which also means that ordinary masks may not have a good barrier effect on them. You can refer to "the cow pen to close the cat" for understanding. Of course, don't be too nervous. On the one hand, the size of the aerosol is about the same as the droplet size (Thank you [realbear] teacher for your advice here).

On the other hand, the small size means that it carries less viruses. But no matter what, at this time, adding a medical alcohol to inactivate the virus is to build an extra firewall, which can also make the heart less responsive.


It should be noted that it is 75% medical alcohol that can inactivate the new coronavirus, not liquor. Because the preparation process of drinking liquor is different from that of medical alcohol, the professional ability is naturally different. In addition, ethanol has the best virus inactivation effect only when it is about 75%. Using white wine instead of alcohol can really only play a role in "more than nothing".


In addition to the "medical alcohol spray", to better prevent new pneumonia, there are a few small details that can be paid attention to.


1. When pressing elevators, opening and closing doors, or touching related equipment in public places, try not to operate directly with your hands. According to the US CDC laboratory research, influenza viruses like hard and smooth surfaces, such as metal and plastic, and influenza viruses can survive on them for up to a week. 

In other words, there may be a lot of viruses on these stuff. It is best to reduce contact and disinfect them in time.


2. Influenza virus does not like sunlight, and does not like high temperature or high humidity. You can spend more time in the sun (don't let the ultraviolet light in through the glass), and take a hot bath. You can also try a humidifier.


3. Eat well and sleep well, feel happy, add vitamins (or take multivitamin tablets by mouth), which will help to improve resistance, and whether to prevent or kill the virus, it depends on resistance.


In addition, reduce contact, wear masks, wash hands carefully, ventilate frequently, pay attention to hygiene...Of course, these good measures must be adhered to.


In the same way, reducing the number of viruses more means adding more effective prevention, and you can be more safe and responsible for yourself, others, and society.

To overcome the difficult times, do more if you can do more, don't be too troublesome.

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