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Glutathione Uses n Side Effects

  Glutathione Uses and Side Effects   What is Glutathione? Glutathione is a substance made from the amino acids glycine, cysteine and glutamic acid. It is produced by your liver and involved in many body processes. Glutathione is involved in tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body, and in immune system function. What are the Different Name of Glutathione? Gamma-Glutamylcysteinylglycine Gamma-L-Glutamyl-L-Cysteinylglycine Gamma-L-Glutamyl-L-Cystéinylglycine Glutathion, Glutatión L-Gamma-Glutamyl-L-Cysteinyl-Glycine   L-Gamma-Glutamyl-L-Cystéinyl-Glycine L-Glutathion L-Glutathione GSH N-(N-L-gamma-Glutamyl-L-cysteinyl)glycine       Why should I take Glutathione? There are few good uses of Glutathione. People take glutathione for aging, alcohol use disorder, liver disease, heart disease, and many other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these

How Amoeba Eats Human Brain?


Process of Amoeba Eating Human Brain

Has her brain been eaten by amoeba? Parasites that can "eat" human brains. In fact, this terrifying-sounding parasite is not the first time that it has entered our vision. For example, it was reported in 2012 in Pakistan. Ten people in Karachi, the largest city, died because of the parasite. This incident even caused panic among the local people.


   When you play in the water, do you ever think that the danger is here? When you wash your face with wild water, have you ever thought of losing your life? When you are in the playroom by the creek, have you ever thought about being eaten away?

   There is a 24-year-old girl named Kelsey McLean in the United States. She may never have thought that she would be sent to Huangquan because of a normal trip. The British "Daily Mail" reported on May 2 that the unfortunate girl came to the Colorado River to play because of her birthday. 

However, when she was playing in the river, a parasite called "brain-eating amoeba" unknowingly entered the brain from her nasal cavity.


   A few days after returning home, Kelsey McLean fell ill and suffered a severe, persistent headache. She was diagnosed as "bacterial meningitis" at the beginning. But after treatment, Kelsey's symptoms not only did not relieve, but seizures appeared. 

Faced with her ongoing illness, American doctors were helpless, and eventually Kelsey McLean died.


The cerebrospinal fluid of this unfortunate girl who suddenly became ill and died quickly was finally tested by the University of California, San Diego and Negri Amoeba Laboratory. Until then, the parasite called "brain-eating amoeba" was tested. Find.

Of course, Kelsey McLean’s brain tissue was not eaten by this parasite, but because this parasite made her brain fatal.


   In fact, this terrifying-sounding parasite is not the first time it has entered our field of vision. For example, it was reported in 2012 that 10 people in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, died because of this parasite. This incident even caused panic among the local people.


   For example, there was a report in 2013 that a 12-year-old boy in Florida also died because of this parasite. The boy played near a certain ditch at the beginning of his illness, when brain-eating parasites quietly entered his body.

Infographics on How Amoeba eats Human Brain


   If the term "brain-eating amoeba" may make everyone feel unfamiliar, then perhaps you have another name that seems familiar: "Amoeba"!

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Is brain eaten by amoeba?

One of the amoeba protozoa is called "brain-eating parasite" or "brain-eating amoeba", and it mainly lives in warm lake or river water. There are free-living amoebas in water, air and soil all over the world, so it may be sick all over the world.

If you are unfortunately infected, you are basically sentenced to death. Because in the past 50 years, 133 cases of brain-eating amoeba infections have been recorded globally, but only 3 people survived. Its fatality rate is even more dangerous than synovial sarcoma!


   In fact, this kind of amoeba called "brain-eating amoeba" usually enters the human nasal cavity under very accidental circumstances, such as people playing in the river, such as washing the nasal cavity or face with wild water.

When it enters the nasal cavity, it will pass through the nasal mucosa and ethmoid plate, and then along the olfactory nerve to invade the brain, swallow nerve cells, and cause primary amoebic meningoencephalitis.


   After they enter the human brain, they will not really eat the brain tissue, but they will cause purulent meningoencephalitis, vascular hemorrhage and brain parenchymal necrosis. Therefore, the infected person will have headaches, vomiting, fever and other symptoms, which will continue to get worse, and even be fatal within days to weeks. 

The root cause of death of the infected person is acute and extensive hemorrhagic necrotizing meningoencephalitis, which can have a large number of trophozoites in the cerebrospinal fluid and focal tissues of the infected person. For example, researchers found a large number of trophozoites in the cerebrospinal fluid of Kelsey McLean.


  Because they exist all over the world, try not to touch unknown or unclean waters when playing in the wild. Of course being infected is only a probability event. What if you are unlucky enough in the department?


How the Negril Amoeba eats your brain?

Last week, 9-year-old Hally Yust died when he was infected with a rare brain-eating amoeba while swimming not far from home in Kansas.


The main culprit is the Negril Amoeba, which lives in warm freshwater lakes and freshwater rivers and usually targets children and adolescents. Once invaded into the brain, it can cause primary amoebic meningoencephalitis. This infection is almost fatal: within a few days, 97% of victims will die.


Although the bug is deadly, few people have been infected. In the past ten years, only 34 cases of infection have been reported in the United States, but there is evidence that the number of people infected is increasing.

Before 2010, more than half of the above examples came from Florida, Texas and other southern states in the United States. However, after 2010, cases of infection also appeared in Minnesota in the northern United States.


Jennifer Cope, an amoeba infection expert and epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States, said: “We found amoeba in states where there was no such case before.” 

She said that the expanded infection of Negril flexneri may be related to Climate change is related because microorganisms multiply faster in warmer places. Jennifer Cope said: "This is something we absolutely must pay attention to."


Cope said: "We still don't know a lot about Negril Amoeba, such as how it chooses its victims." This amoeba can escape the body's immune system, and treatments are also scarce, partly because The infection process is very fast.

However, studies have shown that if the infection can be detected immediately, it can be stopped.


What happened during the infection of Negril flexneri?

This tiny amoeba can float in water or settle in the soil, and enter the human body when the water reaches the human nose.

After touching the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, the Negria fowleri can penetrate the olfactory nerve (the olfactory nerve allows us to smell the taste, and it can directly connect to the brain).

To cause Negri flexneri infection, more than one drop of water is inhaled. Water sports such as diving, water skiing, water skiing, etc. that fill people's nose with water usually may cause people to be infected with Flexneri. There is also a case of Gerry amoeba infected by baptism.


Does Amoeba of Negri Eat Brains?

It is indeed very accurate to use the brain to describe the amoeba of Negri. After reaching the olfactory bulb, the Negri flexneri will eat the tissue surrounding the olfactory bulb. 

This destruction can lead to the appearance of the first clinical symptom-loss of smell and taste, which can occur 5 days after being infected with Negril flexneri.


From here, the Negril amoeba will move to other parts of the brain, first they will swallow the protective layer surrounding the central nervous system.

When the body feels wrong, the body cells will send out immune cells to fight the infection, causing inflammation in this part. It is this inflammation (rather than the loss of brain tissue) that causes headaches, nausea, vomiting and neck stiffness. 

Especially the stiff neck should be attributed to inflammation. The swelling around the spinal cord makes us unable to contract the muscles of the neck.

As the Negril amoeba consumes more brain tissue and enters deeper into the brain, a second clinical symptom will appear. The second clinical symptoms include confusion, hallucinations, confusion, and convulsions.


The vestibule of the brain, which is related to planning and emotional control, may be most infected because the olfactory nerve extends to this place.

Cope said: "But in addition to the vestibule of the brain, there is no regularity and no reason for the infection in other parts of the brain-as the infection deepens, the entire brain may be infected."


But it is not the loss of brain tissue that ultimately leads to death, but the inflammation and swelling caused by the body's fight against infection, because this puts the skull under extreme pressure. 

Increasing pressure will force the brain to break down the connection between the brain stem and the spinal cord, eventually causing the connection between the two to be severed. Most patients will die of respiratory failure after the second clinical symptoms appear.


Threat of Negria flexneri

The threat of infection with Negria flexneri is still far away from people (more people drown each year), but you can take some steps to reduce the chance of infection with Negril flexneri.

Cope recommends using nasal congestion when swimming and not immersing the entire head in the water. She also advises not to kick underwater sediments when swimming, as this will allow the Negril flexneri to scatter in the water.


More effective treatments may already be in sight. Last year, the US Food and Drug Administration approved Miltefosine, which was originally used to fight cancer. 

In 2013, two people in the United States who were infected with Naegleria flexneri took this medicine (and other medicines) immediately after the infection and survived.


Scientists tested the genetic sequence of Negril flexneri amoeba for the first time. Their observations may be able to help us understand why Negril flexneri amoeba is so deadly, and point the way for future treatment.

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