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4 Weaknesses of Ferocious New Coronavirus


Although the New Coronavirus is ferocious, it has Weakness

This year is a special year. 2020 is the year that many people are looking forward to. The year 2020 that we said in the book as a child has finally arrived. We were still happy before the year before, but we were in panic when the New Year came. Now, because of the ferocity of the new coronavirus, many of us have given up reunion, dinner, and travel. The reason for people’s panic is not only human-to-human transmission, but also during the special period of the Spring Festival. Every year, the Spring Festival travel tide is hundreds of millions of people. If accidentally, a large number of people will be infected. So in addition to going all out, we also We must do our own preventive work.


Fortunately, medical experts have discovered that the new coronavirus has some weaknesses. Although we have not developed a specific medicine to treat pneumonia, we can take preventive measures after we know the weakness.


Weakness of the new coronavirus


1. Not resistant to high temperatures

With the efforts of experts, it was discovered that the new coronavirus is not resistant to high temperatures. They may survive very well at low temperatures, but as the temperature rises, the activity will slowly decrease. When the temperature reaches 56 degrees or more.

They basically lose their activity, which means they lose their infectivity, and when the high temperature lasts for about half an hour, they will be completely killed, so there is another way we disinfection is high-temperature cooking, including cooking. It is also best to say that the food is cooked thoroughly before eating.


2. Not resistant to ultraviolet rays

In many restaurants, you can see ultraviolet disinfection lamps, which are ultraviolet rays used to kill viruses. They are effective for many viruses. The new coronavirus is no exception. 

This virus will be killed under 10 minutes of ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, families with conditions can use ultraviolet disinfection. When disinfecting, be careful to leave.

 Also Refer: Vaccine Development Encyclopedia

3. Intolerance to high concentrations of alcohol 

In the early days, experts discovered that the new coronavirus is not resistant to alcohol. In high concentrations of alcohol, especially alcohol with a concentration of 75% or more, the new coronavirus will be inactivated and lose its infectivity. 

Coronavirus weakness

Except for alcohol, it contains chlorine. The disinfectant can also kill the new coronavirus. But everyone should pay attention when using alcohol, not spray alcohol directly on clothing.


4. Short survival time in the air 

The study found that the new coronavirus can only survive in the air for about 2 hours after leaving the host. Two hours is a relatively short period of time for the virus. For example, the flu virus can survive for 24 hours in the air, so the survival time of the new coronavirus is a weakness.


Checking the barrier of immunity is good for prevention against COVID

The number of new coronavirus patients is increasing, but the good news is that more and more people are cured. Among these cured people, many are young people. After they have contracted the new coronavirus, they seem to have a bad cold. 

People will soon recover after isolation, all thanks to the stronger immunity of young people. Therefore, it is very important to improve our immunity.

How do we improve our immunity in our daily life?

1. Insist on proper exercise

Exercise can speed up people’s metabolism and blood circulation, excrete toxins and garbage in the body in time, improve cell activity, keep cell functions in the best condition, and improve human immunity. 

However, everyone’s physical fitness is different and different. People who are suitable for different exercises should choose the exercise that suits them, and don’t do too intense exercise.


2. Ensure adequate sleep 

Generally, it is best for adults to guarantee 7 hours of sleep a day. The attention function of sleep is to eliminate fatigue and restore the functions of various organs of the human body. 

Cells are also the same. It also needs rest. Cells are tired, and human immunity is It will decline, so sleeping can also rest the cells, restore the best state, and improve immunity.


3. Stay optimistic 

When a person is in an optimistic state, the body’s various functions are in the best state, and the immunity is also the strongest. When the person is always in a depressed state, the immunity will be affected, so even in this special In this period, we also have to face everything optimistically, so that our immunity will become stronger.


4. Supplement foods that improve immunity

Mushrooms such as chicken soup, milk, oats, green tea, honey, black fungus, etc. are all good foods for improving immunity. During the holidays, we can eat more of these foods, eat less greasy food, and eat more supplements Vitamin foods. 

Vitamins are related to the number and activity of various immune cells in the human body. High levels of vitamins have a correspondingly high immunity, so our diet should be balanced.

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