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  Glutathione Uses and Side Effects   What is Glutathione? Glutathione is a substance made from the amino acids glycine, cysteine and glutamic acid. It is produced by your liver and involved in many body processes. Glutathione is involved in tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body, and in immune system function. What are the Different Name of Glutathione? Gamma-Glutamylcysteinylglycine Gamma-L-Glutamyl-L-Cysteinylglycine Gamma-L-Glutamyl-L-Cystéinylglycine Glutathion, Glutatión L-Gamma-Glutamyl-L-Cysteinyl-Glycine   L-Gamma-Glutamyl-L-Cystéinyl-Glycine L-Glutathion L-Glutathione GSH N-(N-L-gamma-Glutamyl-L-cysteinyl)glycine       Why should I take Glutathione? There are few good uses of Glutathione. People take glutathione for aging, alcohol use disorder, liver disease, heart disease, and many other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these

How to Enjoy Picnic for Amusement?


A Guide to Enjoying Picnics for Happiness and Mental Relaxation

Even if you may encounter unexpected wind and sand, pouring rain, even if a group of people squeeze on a small picnic mat, even if the bottles and cups are overturned again and again. I hope that all people who are full can have a picnic.

2020, the first year of Chinese picnic

This summer, young men and women are either having a picnic or on their way to a picnic. Picnic strategies and photography techniques that are popular on social networks have popularized the exquisite picnic aesthetics with lattice picnic mats, bamboo baskets, balloons, floral skirts, sandwiches, strawberries, and bubble water as the main elements for the Chinese. It seems that none of them are part of our gastronomic tradition.


Sitting on the grass, eating and drinking, where did this trend of cramming come from for picnic enjoyment?

The cookie-cutter imitation always makes people feel pretentious and not relaxed enough. 

The biggest feature of the picnic is that the participants donate their own food, not only want to take care of the appetites of family and friends, but also want to show off the audience when friends take out the food one after another, and how to make a fun and honest picnic. ?


1. Poetry and distance, food and freedom, the popularity of picnics depends on the popularization of cars

Where are you going for a picnic? You think of meadows, parks, villages, forests, and the sea, but not at home or indoors.


But in France, where it originated, a picnic originally meant an indoor banquet, where each participant brought their own food and drink. When everyone gathered together, it became a feast, called Pique-nique in French.


The more familiar English word picnic comes from Pique-nique. According to "Let's Picnic Together from the fashionable consumption of the nobility to the national party on the grass" textual research: 

At the beginning of the 19th century, a group called "Pic-nic society" was founded in London. The group members gathered in one place, held luxurious banquets, performed drama performances, and ended with various entertainments including gambling. 

Although the picnic club did not persist for a long time, picnic spread.


Picnic enjoyment

"Lunch on the Grass", Claude Monet, created between 1865 and 1866

The revolution from indoor to outdoor picnic took place in the UK. After being introduced to the UK, picnics continued to be held indoors for a period of time. Until the mid-nineteenth century, indoor picnics almost disappeared, and outdoor picnics became the mainstream.


"Picnic", the work of James Tissot, the representative painter of the British Victorian Neoclassical School in 1870

From indoor to outdoor, the picnic completes the renovation of the venue. But soon after, the popularity of automobiles expanded the radius of human activities, and the improvement of roads increased the pleasure of driving. This made car picnics popular in the United States. 

The family drove the car and stuffed refrigerators, barbecue grills, and stoves into the car. 

A car picnic has become a fixed schedule for weekend entertainment, and cooking strategies and play strategies for car picnics have become a subdivision.

Smart car manufacturers have keenly seized this trend, juxtaposing cars with picnics and freedom as a middle-class lifestyle.


Poetry and distance, food and freedom, picnics and cars have found their best partners.


In 1925, when Ford Motors advertised a RV for only $295, it described a dazzling picture of life: 

Ford gave you unlimited opportunities, allowing you to reach a new place every day. Come for a picnic, a cool evening for a ride, enjoy the country atmosphere, or visit friends.

A New Zealand family drove a Ford T sedan to a picnic around 1920

From the fashionable pastimes of the nobles, to the life model of the middle class, to the grass party for the whole people, a picnic is always a dream of beauty and freedom, which is different from the ordinary life.


Picnics are used to deceive-Hitler designated May 1 as a statutory workers' holiday when he came to power. 

On this day, both male and female workers had a day off to celebrate with a picnic or party.

Picnics were also used to whitewash the peace-the Great Depression in the United States, car picnics are often used to prove that the people are still doing well.


Car advertisements in the Soviet era

The Mulliner custom picnic basket designed by the famous British designer Linley for Bentley’s SUV Tim Yuet includes four sets of tableware, a refrigerator that can hold two bottles of champagne and four crystal glasses. Today's top luxury cars will continue to serve picnics as their feature highlights.


2. Chinese picnic style used to rise above the clouds


Does China have a picnic tradition for enjoyment?

Of course there is! The famous Qushui Liuqi, a banquet and elegant gathering among literati, no mathematicians recite the full text of Wang Xizhi's "Lanting Collection Preface". 

"The year is in Gui Chou. At the beginning of spring, I will be in the Lanting Pavilion of the Yin Mountain in Kuaiji, and I will repair things. 

There are great mountains and ridges, and bamboos are cultivated in the magnificent forest. It is said to be flowing water, the second is the list. 

Although there is no flourish of the silk and bamboo orchestra, one sing and one chant is enough to narrate the secret love. 

It is the sun, the sky is clear, the breeze is peaceful. Looking up at the universe, look at the category. Prosperity, so gazing at the sight is enough for the most audio-visual entertainment, and I believe in Cola."


Qu Shui Liu Zou is a picnic for literati and doctors, what about a picnic for common people? 

In modern times, Western style picnics have not become popular for various reasons, but activities such as outings, spring outings, outings, and picnics have more or less taken on part of the functions of picnics. 

In addition, Zhang Ailing’s point of view is also very interesting. She wrote in "The Story of a Foreign Land": "Chinese travel is always a picnic nature. They eat all the way, and there is one station of specialty products such as dried orchid beans, sparrows, and zongzi."


3. Is Picnic a different amusement?

Landscape and food are the charm of a picnic, and it cannot be disappointed.

Now that there are cars, it is not difficult to "distance". The difference lies in one's eyes for discovering beauty, courage to explore the unknown, and true love for outdoor life.


Beijing Yudu Mountain Big Meadow. Picture / three cooks

As far as picnic food is concerned, compared to the effect of taking pictures, whether your own careful preparation will win the favor of friends and family is a more worrying matter. 

After all, no one wants to bother to recite the food, and finally have to renew it. Back home again.


Real food does not need to be promoted, and will be scored by the level of the CD. What is the rule of picnic food, let's stroke it.


1. A picnic is not a picnic, it is not fired, and neither a picnic nor a barbecue can be counted.

Strictly speaking, a picnic is not to cook, and directly enter the state of enjoyment.


Although self-heating hot pot and self-heating rice are convenient and safe now, and you can easily eat hot rice with a bottle of mineral water, the tastes produced by the merchants are the same.


Therefore, the focus of the research on picnic food is various specialty foods that do not require heating, are easy to carry, and can maintain their taste for a long time.


2. Try to grab a picnic by hand

Solid wood dinner plates, goblet glasses, double-layer dessert plates, metal knives and forks... the picnic tableware on social networks always has the flavor of a fashionable party. This kind of magazine hard-photographed picnic is too unrelenting.


Nowadays, disposable tableware is also very convenient, but after eating, cups and plates have to be patiently cleaned up. Try to use less utensils as much as possible and return to the original, that is, grasping by hand. In fact, it is a truly environmentally friendly and relaxing picnic.


3. Picnic aesthetics and picnic engineering pay attention to local conditions

This red and white grid (Vichy check pattern) picnic mat is a must-have element for picnic aesthetics, but in fact, you don't have to force it! Being the same is a manifestation of not asking yourself.

For carrying, retro rattan boxes and bamboo baskets are good choices, but you should pay attention to the place where you should get off the car, otherwise the "last mile" will be painful torture. 

Carrying a comfortable outdoor bag, trolley case, or even a small flatbed trailer are all options you can consider.

No matter how luxurious the equipment is, it is not as good as an ordinary-looking cold box that can enhance people's happiness.

According to the observation of guns and guns, the picnic outfits are equipped with two major forces-Little Fairy Pie and Decathlon Pie. 

The Little Fairy School is mainly good-looking, mostly dressed in fairy floral skirts or strapless short sleeves. The overall feeling is "light yellow dress and fluffy hair." 

The Decathlon school is characterized by ambiguous gender and pragmatism, with the words "Goodbye mom, I will travel tonight" and "Goodbye, ordinary life".


4. Chinese people's honest picnic

The online picnic strategies are too westernized, which suppresses the true preferences of many people. It is a sin for someone who loves garlic to be forced to drink coffee.


1. Staple food

That is, various carbohydrate aggregates. Chinese people’s eating habits are determined, and most of them are natural staple food enthusiasts. There is no staple food that is not called meals.


In western picnics, sandwiches are picnic foods that never go away. They are easy to make, rich in content, suitable for carrying and sharing. There are similar burgers, burritos, etc.

If you don't like sandwiches, or there are elderly people in your family, you have to think about it.


As long as you like, big steamed buns and small pancakes that do not harden overnight can be used as ingredients. Although the taste is plain, it can highlight your carefully prepared side dishes.

The youth groups and rice balls in the south of the Yangtze River can immediately make the picnic style look exquisite.


Expand your imagination and try ethnic customs, such as Daliba. Leba is Russian loaf, which is big and has a long shelf life. 

It uses flour, hops, and salt as the main raw materials, and the finished product can weigh three to four kilograms. 

It can be stored for a long time, and can be stored for up to 5 days in summer.

There is also a habit of making this kind of bread in Harbin, Inner Mongolia, and parts of Xinjiang.


The characteristics of pure Leba are black, sour, hard, and slightly salty. It is different from common bread. 

Many southerners need to adapt. However, you can taste the fragrance of noodles, wine, salt, fruit and wood, lactic acid and so on if you taste it carefully. Nowadays, some methods add a lot of candied fruits to make it luxurious.


The traditional way of eating is sliced, cheese and jam, or red sausage, or black caviar mixed with minced onion and vinegar; or torn, dipped in milk or red cabbage soup. Other ways to eat it include butter, pickles, yogurt, beer, etc.



Naan, a classic road meal with thousands of years of history, is easy to carry and preserve, and is a natural choice for a picnic.



If you have a thermal container, bring pilaf, it is a good staple food that can make people feel full of satisfaction.


Even more sincere is to prepare their own cold skin and cold noodles on site.

Sichuan cold noodles

We have said before that the cold noodles in Sichuan are simpler. The key is to cook the noodles until they are mature, drain them and sprinkle them with cooked rapeseed oil. 

Use chopsticks to stir them up and let the electric fan cool them quickly to get springy teeth. 

A bowl of cold noodles or cold skin filled with red oil is enough to kill the audience in seconds.


2. Meat

Meat is a hard dish in a picnic. If there is no satisfactory meat, a picnic always makes people feel almost meaningless.


Western-style picnic, meat/meat food is varied. There are grilled chicken, chicken wings, ham, sausage, bacon, cheese and so on.


If you want to eat some Chinese meat, stewed dishes are the best.


Both Guangdong and Sichuan are rich in lo-flavor. It is also a pleasure to prepare your own bittern and research it at home, and to develop your own characteristic bite.


Duck neck, duck tongue, braised duck feet, braised chicken feet, braised trotters, braised beef, braised tofu, braised eggs, thinking about it makes people have the urge to go out.

The braised beef is really suitable. One piece of brine, cut into slices, delicious and easy to handle


Sauce pork shoulder burritos. Northerners prefer sauce, which has a mellow taste and perfect match with northern pie

Roasted duck and goose, with attractive skin color and oily mouth


Roasted chicken, grilled chicken itself comes with the train travel lifestyle, they are the perfect picnic meat


In recent years, processed meat has become indispensable, duck neck, duck gizzard, crayfish, pickled pepper and chicken feet. The trouble is to keep it fresh with gloves.


Meat tends to increase the burden of digestion, so on the picnic mat, chicken feet, chicken wings and pig trotters are more popular. The unique marinating or smoking techniques make it easier to make an impression.


3. Eggs and vegetables 

Tea eggs 

Eggs are so convenient. It is nutritious, easy to process and carry, and it is full. In addition to ordinary braised eggs, the tea eggs made by yourself are more unique and delicious.


During a western-style picnic, a variety of vegetable salads will be prepared.


If you are too lazy to make vegetable salads and don't want to consume high-calorie salad dressings, you can bring some simple vegetables that we have long ignored.


For example, washed crispy cucumbers, water radishes, lettuce leaves, tomatoes, even if they are not processed, they are already very good.


Bring a bag of soy sauce (soybean paste), you can taste the original Northeast salad-dipping pickles.


4. Fruits

Strawberries, blueberries, and cherries, with English names ending in berry, are blue-blooded aristocrats in the fruit industry in recent years. Expensive and photogenic, it has become the mainstay of picnic aesthetics.


Nowadays, all kinds of tropical fruits and foreign fruits are also very common, no wonder.


What we want to recommend is canned fruits that have been chilled. Whether it is oranges, yellow peaches or bayberry, most of the taste of traveling through time and space cannot be given by seasonal fruits.


5. Desserts

Among desserts, macarons and cookies are the most photographed items in social network picnics. Gun Gun introduced macarons before, "Why do many people think macarons are expensive and unpalatable?" 

But the vast majority of macarons are made very sweet, which means more enjoyment than food. For non-sweet parties, you can save the money and go to the bakery to buy some cookies, tarts, small cakes, puddings, etc.


If it is a picnic that is prepared in advance rather than made up temporarily, consider making picnic desserts at home. There are many simple desserts on the gourmet website, and many of them have even eliminated the most difficult part of "baking".


Ice powder

Gun Gun recommends one personally. If you can buy ice powder, or buy ice powder and grass seeds to make yourself (what is ice powder? How to do it? See "What is ice powder that I can’t eat in summer?").

Then make a bowl of ice powder with it. The pro-test is more refreshing than any pudding and macarons. That means an incubator is always necessary.


6. Drinks

In the former elementary school spring outing, almost all children would have a big kettle on their shoulders. It is usually filled with cold boiled water, or a drink prepared by parents with Guozhen.


Nowadays, the most frequently seen drinks in picnics are sparkling water and milk tea with English letters on the package.


In fact, beverages have already entered a stage of great enrichment. What is the happiness of drinks? It is probably related to temperature, sweetness, caffeine, and alcohol that is not more than mild.


Beer in the incubator (drinking without driving, driving without drinking, driving irregularly, two lines of tears for relatives), fat house happy water (Coke), self-made tea, or a cup of pure cold boiled water, may be the best choice. The key is to respect and think of everyone's needs in advance.

It is also necessary to bring some hot water. Putting aside all preconceptions and paying attention to the needs of every picnic, is the true picnic spirit.

In short, find a good weather and have a simple and relaxing picnic even if it may happen unexpectedly


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