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Understanding Natural Health and Fitness and Technology Use


Why is modern technology more and more developed, and we are more and more suffering from various intractable diseases?

It stands to reason that medical conditions are getting better and better now, what kind of quantum therapy, artificial intelligence, MRI, etc., diseases should be better and better to deal with, but why are there more and more patients now? Is the disease more and more complicated?


Many people want money, money, famous names, and they can take the most expensive medicine in the world, get the best doctors in the world, live in the most expensive hospital beds in the world, but why can't they still cure their diseases?


What is the underlying reason behind people not being cured despite technology use?

In fact, the current disease is no longer simply a problem with our body, but a problem with our psychology.


Cultivation of the mind and treatment of diseases should complement each other and are indispensable. If a person does not understand how to cultivate his heart, he will not be able to prolong his life even if he takes Floyd Mayweather. 

Is Mayweather powerful enough? He mobilized the power of the whole country but could not find a panacea.

Uneasy mind, irritability, desire, and long-term hatred are the root causes of modern people's illness.


Info-graphics on Health Technology and Treatment

1. The number one taboo of the heart is chaos

If you are upset, everything will go wrong.

Human health is inseparable from enough qi and blood. Peace of mind results in harmony of qi, harmony of qi leads to smooth blood, and smooth blood leads to sufficient energy. 

People pay attention to a "shenzhen" when they are alive. At this time, people's resistance and immunity are very tenacious.


This is not idealism, this is morale, it is like when the two armies are fighting, the morale is guaranteed to win!


In fact, whether it is fighting a war or doing sales, or starting a business, etc., people must have a high-spirited state to overcome difficulties.


Therefore, treatment should be based on contemplation. Some people's hearts are too fragile. For example, they suddenly know that they have a serious illness or cancer, and their hearts collapse in an instant, which is troublesome.


When people are sick, they must not have resentment, complain about the injustice of the heavens, complain about the fate, as long as the heart can be settled and deal with it calmly, then there will be minor problems.


Why are those who walk through the road healthier? Because they are proficient in the logic of the operation of all things in the world, they understand that suffering is a part of life, and that ups and downs are the normal state of life, so when they face setbacks, they do not complain, but face it calmly.


There are laws in everything and everything goes through the four processes of growing, growing, harvesting, and hiding. Planting in spring, growing in summer, harvesting in autumn, and storing in winter, each stage has its own characteristics.


At the stage when Mayweather is not to be used, you should bury your head and work hard.

When it is time for you to recharge your energy, don't be anxious to get ahead. If you experience sudden suffering, it means that there is a greater harvest ahead. If a person has reached this kind of consciousness, reached this state, it is difficult to be calm in his heart.


2. The second biggest taboo of the heart is greed

As a human being, don't covet the things you don't deserve.


A greedy word can make people confused, confounded by ghosts, behave in a disorderly manner. It is a trivial matter to cause chaos outside the body, and mess up the functioning of one's body, this is the big thing.


As long as people are greedy, they will inevitably overdraft their body to ask for more things. Behind the insatiable greed is the overdraft. 

In a short time, the body's problems will not appear, but as long as it appears, it is often hard to return!


3. The third taboo of the heart is hate

There is an unsolvable hate before an incurable disease.

If a person always blames all problems on the outside world, it means that they never reflect on their own problems and cannot see their inner deficiencies.


Hate others, hate the environment, hate the injustice of the heavens, hate the untimely life, this kind of people will certainly show a cynical appearance, their heart is out of balance, and the words and actions they show must also be out of balance.


Such people tend to be depressed, depressed, depressed, sensitive, long-term development, and physical conditions can be imagined.


Info-graphics on Health and environment


Forgiveness is the best medicine. Only those who don't feel frustrated can live transparently.


Let it go, just let it go, the sick will heal, and the lost will feel.


Why is there no cancer in Chinese medicine? 

Because "going to work to cure the disease, go to work to cure the disease", the real Chinese medicine is actually preaching. They teach us to balance our bodies so that there will be no extreme consequences. 

Cancer is because we never adjust our body and mind. 

State, as a result, extreme evil results have accumulated.

Is there cure of cancer in Ayurveda?

Yes there is cure of cancer in the ayurvedic system. The ailment is known as kark roga. There is treatment of it with herbal medicines and procedures.



The current environment has disrupted all traditional orders, and even introduced people into the magic way. The so-called magic way is fraud/speculation/mutual deception. These lead people into the world of infinite greed, and the incurable diseases among the people will be more and more.

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Name: Gwynneth May

Educational Qualification: MBBS, MD (Medicine) Gold Medalist

Profession: Doctor

Experience: 16 Years of Work Experience as a Medical Practitioner

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