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11 Point based Intimate Advice to Women in Love

Intimate advice to women in love

Women should be cautious while being in love. If you commit mistake it may give you deep damages in life which may be physical as well as emotional. The blunders you commit not haunt you throughout life. Slight care towards love, relationships and sex may help you a long way.

Infographics on Intimate advice to women in love

Important Points of Advice to Women in Love

Following 11 points will always be helpful to you if you are in a relationship or are going to come in it:

1. Not to invest too fast

After you met him for the first time, don’t expect to spend every weekend with him, or insist on providing advice to him, redecorating his home, don’t worry, you are not married yet!


Not Investing very fast

2. Identify the other party too early

The quickest way to break up with your boyfriend is to tell him that you love him and that you are going to have a child for him. Most of his reaction is to escape without a trace.

Identifying him too early

3. Self-deception

Do you have a clear knowledge of the motivation behind each of his performances? 

Is his attitude towards you very plain? 

Does he date other girls at the same time? 

Do you only contact him once a week, and you recognize him as a life-long person? Or you think he is addicted to gambling and his violent temper is not a serious problem.

Deceiving self

4. Do not keep the dress is too exaggerated

You should be self-confident, generous and decent. 

The attractiveness does not lie in overly showing off. 

Men think that natural attractiveness is much more ideal than artificially processed faces.

Dress Exaggeration

5. Do not talk too much 

Don’t think that you have to keep talking. Silence is golden. Even if you are eager to get to know each other, you don’t need to tell your life experiences in the last few dates. 

Silence is often the charm of women.

Not talking much

6. Do not pay too much attention to his money

If you order a lobster dinner and tell him that your favorite gift is diamonds, eat this as much as you want. 

You will never see him again, no matter how rich a man is, you will not like others telling him how to spend, or to whom to spend money, men like women with knowledge, rather than those who are looking for long-term meal tickets.

Ignoring his money

7. Do not invite him home too early

Unless you feel that he is inviting you into his life, don't invite him home. 

Some men think that inviting him home means inviting him to bed, so wait a little longer. 

After you have a better understanding, similar embarrassing situations will not occur.

Not home early

8. Too hard to please each other

Do you think he will like you more if he washes clothes, cooks and does housework for him? 

Please think about it again, if you are willing to be his foot cloth, he will step on it unceremoniously.

Hard to please

9. Do not make friends too quickly

If you slept with him the first time you met, then he would wonder how many men should have made out with you? Therefore, this kind of affection tends to scare the other person, and the first meeting is most suitable for candid conversation. 

If you use adult sexual products like vibrators or dildos with him or involve in BDSM he may think you are a whore type. Walking under the moon will become a solid foundation for feelings.

No quick buddies


10. Not judge him early

Do not think of judging him the first time in bed as he may have a high libido but he might be judging you first. 

It is after a few sexual sessions with him that you will be fully aware about his testosterone level as well as skills.

Not judging early

11. Be Calm

Try to be calm and gentle with him as you should behave with him the way you want him to behave with you.

Being calm


With the help of the following easy points if you keep a little care, it will help a lot in your life and keep you happy and healthy, physically and mentally.

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