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Glutathione Uses n Side Effects

  Glutathione Uses and Side Effects   What is Glutathione? Glutathione is a substance made from the amino acids glycine, cysteine and glutamic acid. It is produced by your liver and involved in many body processes. Glutathione is involved in tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body, and in immune system function. What are the Different Name of Glutathione? Gamma-Glutamylcysteinylglycine Gamma-L-Glutamyl-L-Cysteinylglycine Gamma-L-Glutamyl-L-Cystéinylglycine Glutathion, Glutatión L-Gamma-Glutamyl-L-Cysteinyl-Glycine   L-Gamma-Glutamyl-L-Cystéinyl-Glycine L-Glutathion L-Glutathione GSH N-(N-L-gamma-Glutamyl-L-cysteinyl)glycine       Why should I take Glutathione? There are few good uses of Glutathione. People take glutathione for aging, alcohol use disorder, liver disease, heart disease, and many other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these

Can We Remove Masks after COVID19 Vaccine Comes?

After the new crown vaccine comes out, can the mask be removed?

Vaccines will not prevent the body from being infected with the virus, but will prevent the body from becoming sick. Therefore, even people who have been vaccinated may become asymptomatic spreaders and can spread to other people.

On December 9th, according to real-time statistics from the Worldometer website, there were 620,000 new cases of new coronavirus diagnosed worldwide on that day, totaling more than 68.48 million.


The situation of the new crown epidemic in China has long been stable, but the epidemic rebounds in some places almost every month. 

On December 7, the first confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia appeared in Chengdu. As of 20 o'clock on December 8, Chengdu has reported 6 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and 1 asymptomatic infection.


Also Refer: Vaccine Development Encyclopedia

While paying attention to the number of these cases, the progress of the new crown vaccine is also receiving continuous attention. After all, this seems to be the only effective way to fight the new crown pneumonia.

Approval of COVID Vaccines in various Countries 

The new coronavirus vaccine has been approved in various countries and will be gradually injected into the public in a short period of time. 

On December 8, the United Kingdom has officially launched the largest vaccine injection project in history to inject the BioNtech/Pfizer new crown vaccine.


On the same day, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a document confirming the effectiveness and safety of the new coronary pneumonia vaccine produced by Pfizer/BioNTech.


Infographics on masks and coronavirus vaccines

It said that Pfizer’s two-dose vaccine was “very effective” in preventing the symptoms of COVID-19, and the data “showed that its safety was good, and there were no specific safety issues that would hinder the issuance of EUA.” 

The data also showed that the vaccine was injected for the first time. After that, it can prevent the new crown, the effective degree is 82%. 

Also, the effectiveness of the vaccine evaluated one week after the two doses of the vaccine is 95%.


Does 95% effectiveness means that the COVID-19 has finally been defeated by humans?

On December 5, the Spanish Daily News analyzed that the new crown vaccine may be difficult to prevent asymptomatic transmission, because the role of the new crown vaccine vaccine is to prevent people from experiencing the symptoms of new crown pneumonia and the resulting death in the short term, rather than avoiding infection.


In other words, the vaccine will not prevent the body from being infected with the virus, but will prevent the body from becoming sick. Therefore, even people who have been vaccinated may become asymptomatic spreaders and can spread to other people.


On December 6, Russian biosafety expert and medical doctor Nikolai Durmanov publicly stated that the most contagious patients are not patients with obvious symptoms, but those with viruses that multiply in their bodies but have no symptoms or symptoms on the outside. Lighter people.


The Spanish Daily News finally concluded that the end of the new crown pneumonia epidemic depends not only on when millions of doses of new crown vaccines can be vaccinated, but also on their effectiveness in reducing infections and how long immunity lasts.


What did WHO spokesperson Margaret Harris also publicly state about vaccines?

On December 8th local time, WHO spokesperson Margaret Harris also publicly stated that vaccines are very good tools and will be very helpful, but the role of vaccines in providing immune barriers is still far away. 

Strict public health measures can slow down and control the spread of the virus.


According to the "Daily Mail" on December 3, President-elect Joe Biden stated that once he is sworn in, Americans will be required to wear masks for 100 days.


At this stage, the advent of vaccines does not mean that people all over the world will take off their masks and celebrate the whole country.

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