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New Health Tips regarding Coronavirus in 2021


2021 New Health Tips [New Coronavirus Popular Science Knowledge]

The Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival in our country. Most people who work and study far away go home to reunite, while some people use long holidays to travel. Warm reminder from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Currently, we are still in the global pandemic period of the novel coronavirus pneumonia. While enjoying the joyous and peaceful Spring Festival, we should not ignore the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic. At the same time, we must prevent human infection with avian influenza and norovirus. Infections, food poisoning and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Key Tips

1. The hard-won achievements of my country's new crown pneumonia prevention and control are the result of the joint efforts of the people across the country. 

Everyone can avoid the risk of infection as much as possible to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic. 

To avoid unnecessary cross-border travel, travel is restricted for people in high-risk areas of the domestic new crown epidemic, and travel can be arranged staggered between low-risk areas. 

It is recommended that the elderly and those with underlying diseases avoid going out during holidays. During the trip, you must obey the relevant requirements of the new crown prevention and control work at your destination, and prepare masks, hand-washing disinfectants, disinfection wipes and other items. 

Wear a mask when in contact with others, keep your distance, wash your hands frequently, minimize crowd gathering activities, and control the number of people gathering for dinner. 

After returning from travel, self-monitoring must be done. These measures can also prevent common respiratory diseases such as influenza in winter and spring.

2. Try to avoid contact with live poultry or live poultry markets, do not buy live poultry, and encourage the purchase of chilled or chilled poultry that has been slaughtered and processed in a centralized manner to reduce the chance of exposure to avian influenza.

3. During holidays, gatherings should be reduced as much as possible, large-scale gatherings should not be held, and norovirus disease and food poisoning should be prevented. 

Do not eat uncooked and cooked food, unpasteurized milk, unpeeled fruits, raw vegetables, and do not drink raw water.

4. In winter, when indoors burning coal for heating, using gas, gas stoves or small oil or steam generators, good ventilation should be maintained to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Characteristics of related risks and specific preventive measures

I. Novel coronavirus pneumonia

Since the beginning of winter, the frequency of local clustered epidemics caused by imported sources of infection has increased in my country. Due to timely detection and control, the scale of epidemics has been small. The global epidemic situation has continued to increase. 

Since mid-December, the average daily number of new cases has exceeded 640,000; since the outbreak, the cumulative number of reported cases worldwide has exceeded 77.53 million, and the cumulative number of deaths has exceeded 1.72 million. 

The distribution of the novel coronavirus pneumonia in the Control Center

For some time to come, the overall global epidemic will continue to rise. Although many countries have approved the emergency use of the new crown vaccine, but due to factors such as production, distribution, vaccination, funding, and the priority order of most vaccines by rich countries, it is unlikely that vaccination will form an immune barrier and change the development trend of the epidemic in the short term. 

Therefore, during the Spring Festival in 2021, there is a high possibility that the overseas epidemic will still show a high-intensity epidemic.

Coronavirus Health tips in 2021

The risk of epidemic import in my country is still relatively high, and population movements will increase the risk of epidemic spread.

Main preventive measures:

1. The current overseas epidemic is serious, and the risk of infection by individuals traveling abroad is high. 

According to local prevention and control policies, immigrants must provide a strict double-negative test certificate, and they must be quarantined and observed for 14 days plus 7 days of health follow-up after entry. 

Therefore, it is recommended that individuals fully weigh the timing and necessity of travel and avoid unnecessary cross-border travel.

2. Travel is restricted for people in medium- and high-risk areas in China, and people in low-risk areas are not allowed to travel to medium- and high-risk areas. 

The risk level of the new crown epidemic in various parts of my country can be inquired in real time in the column of the State Council website (, the mobile application "State Council Client" or the WeChat applet.

3. People in low-risk areas within the country can arrange trips on a staggered peak, but it is recommended that the elderly and those with underlying diseases avoid going out during holidays. 

During travel, when taking airplanes, trains and other means of transportation, you must abide by the order and management requirements of flight attendants, wear masks throughout the journey, do good hand hygiene, and properly keep receipts for inquiries. 

If symptoms such as headache, fatigue, loss of sense of smell and taste, dry cough, fever, etc. occur during the journey, you should immediately go to the nearest medical institution to cancel or suspend the journey. 

During the holidays, minimize unnecessary crowd gathering activities, control the number of people gathering, wear masks, keep distance, and wash hands frequently when in contact with others.

4. After returning from the trip, continue to do a good job of personal health monitoring, self-observation for 14 days, if you feel unwell, seek medical attention in time and actively inform the doctor of your travel history.

II. Human infection with avian influenza

Since the beginning of winter, my country has found an avian flu epidemic among poultry. Several sporadic cases of human infection with avian influenza have also been reported in a few areas in southern my country.

The main source of human infection with avian influenza is contact with infected live poultry or visits to contaminated live poultry markets. In the initial stage, patients generally present with flu-like symptoms, such as fever, cough, and low sputum, which may be accompanied by headache, muscle aches and general malaise. The condition of severely ill patients develops rapidly, with symptoms such as severe pneumonia.

Main preventive measures:

Try to avoid contact with live poultry or live poultry markets. If contact is necessary, personal protection should be strengthened, such as wearing masks and gloves, and washing hands with soap and water as soon as possible.

Do not buy live poultry, encourage the purchase of cold or chilled fresh that has been slaughtered and processed Poultry.

Do not buy live poultry from live poultry markets or mobile vendors, and do not mix with original poultry.

If you have fever and respiratory symptoms, you should wear a mask, see a doctor as soon as possible, and tell the doctor whether there is a history of contact with poultry before the onset of illness Or whether you have been to a live poultry market.

III. Norovirus disease

Norovirus disease outbreaks mainly occur in nurseries or schools. Norovirus disease outbreaks often occur in tour groups, cruise ships, and holiday centers. 

In recent years, my country has reported several outbreaks of norovirus disease in domestic and foreign tour groups. Since the beginning of winter, many schools and kindergartens have reported outbreaks of norovirus disease.

People usually get infected through the following ways: eating or drinking food or water contaminated by norovirus, touching objects or surfaces contaminated by the virus and putting their fingers in their mouths, contacting virus-infected patients (such as caring for patients, sharing food with patients or sharing tableware). 

The most common clinical symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea, followed by nausea, abdominal pain, headache, fever, chills, and muscle aches. 

The symptoms of most patients recover after 2 to 3 days. Very few cases can cause severe illness or even death. 

The high-risk groups for severe illness are the elderly and the young children.

Main preventive measures:

Pay attention to washing hands, especially after going to the toilet and changing diapers, and before each eating, preparing and processing food; fruits and vegetables should be carefully washed before eating, oysters and other shellfish should be deeply processed and eaten. 

People infected with norovirus Cannot prepare and process food or accompany other patients within 3 days after illness.

The surfaces contaminated by patient's vomit or feces should be cleaned and disinfected with chlorine bleach or other effective disinfectants in time, and the contaminated surface should be removed and cleaned immediately.

Wear rubber or disposable gloves when washing your clothes or sheets, and wash your hands carefully after washing.

IV. Food poisoning

During the festival, the chances of gathering and eating out will increase. In the case of poor food hygiene, the possibility of food poisoning will increase. Food poisoning in the mainland of my country has the largest number of microbial food poisoning incidents and the number of people who have been poisoned. 

It mainly occurs in food service units and collective canteens. It is manifested as a group of people eating the same one or more contaminated or spoiled foods. Patients often develop gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea within 24 hours after eating; the above, mid-abdominal persistent or paroxysmal colic is more common, and the vomit is mostly eaten food.

Often vomiting and then diarrhea, Diarrhea several to dozens of times a day, mostly yellow loose stools, watery or mucus stools.

Main preventive measures

Pay attention to food hygiene and wash hands before and after meals. Do not eat uncooked and cooked food, unpasteurized milk, unpeeled fruits, raw vegetables, and do not drink raw water. 

Choose fresh and safe food materials, and separate raw and cooked foods during processing. When dining out, pay attention to choosing a formal restaurant or restaurant with good sanitary conditions.

V. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless and non-irritating asphyxiating gas. In my country, the high incidence of non-occupational carbon monoxide poisoning is the same as the coal-burning heating season in northern my country. 

The high-incidence provinces are mainly distributed in the northeast, north and east-central regions of China.

The main places where non-occupational carbon monoxide poisoning occurs are households, including rooms that use coal stoves, charcoal fires and other heating equipment, toilets or shower rooms where gas and gas water heaters are installed, and kitchens that use gas and gas stoves. 

In addition, garages, basements and closed air-conditioned vehicles that use small oil and steam generators are also high-risk locations.

The clinical symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are mainly related to the concentration of carboxyhemoglobin in the blood of the body. After mild and moderate poisoning, quickly get out of the poisoned environment and rescue them in time, generally without sequelae symptoms. 

Patients with severe poisoning have a high mortality rate, and survivors may have severe sequelae.

Main preventive measures:

In the cold season, if possible, choose central heating as much as possible. When using gas or gas stoves or small oil or steam generators in your home, you should maintain good ventilation. 

It is best to install a carbon monoxide detector and check and maintain it regularly.

Once non-occupational carbon monoxide poisoning occurs, windows should be opened for ventilation immediately, and the poisoned person should be quickly moved to a place with fresh air and good ventilation. 

Call the 120 emergency number as soon as possible, and perform hyperbaric oxygen treatment as soon as possible, in USA, call 911. 

For critically ill patients who have stopped breathing and heartbeat, artificial respiration and cardiac compression should be given immediately.


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